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EAP Counseling is an Employer sponsored program designed to provide assessment, evaluation and referral services for a wide range of issues including family relationships, emotional and psychological difficulties, drug and alcohol abuse or any other concerns which negatively impact worksite performance. The issues that EAP Counseling address are intended to be resolved through brief or "short term" therapy. If initial assessment indicates that a problem cannot be resolved through the EAP Counseling program, referrals should be made to a qualified specialist or outside program for additional treatment. Fees associated with services outside the EAP will be the sole responsibility of the Client.

The Performance Plus Treatment Model

Initial Client Contact

Upon initial contact from an Employer, Employee or Eligible Dependent to Performance Plus, our Staff Member will collect identifying information, determine the urgency of the problem and refer the client to the most appropriate Counselor for assessment. At this time, a fax will be sent to the Counselor authorizing the Assessment Process.

The Assessment Process

The EAP Assessment Process is limited to one or two sessions. During intake/assessment, the Counselor is responsible for assessment and referral only. The assessment will include: developing a clinical impression of the client, identifying the presenting problems and formulating with the client a plan of action for addressing these issues. The Assessment Counselor's role is to help the client understand that the next step in receiving services will depend on the client's needs as outlined in the Counselor's Assessment.

Forward Assessment Information to Performance Plus

Upon completion of the assessment process, forward the assessment information, diagnosis, and the Statement of Understanding and Employee Data Sheet to Performance Plus. (You will find the appropriate forms in the Provider Section of our Web Site at

Treatment Options

The Client is a candidate for Brief Treatment, (to address adjustment problems or issues such as V-codes), if the issue can be resolved within the number of contracted sessions with the expected measurable outcomes. The Assessment Counselor or a more appropriate clinician may provide brief treatment. Seldom, if ever, will clients receiving brief treatment require an insurance referral for longer-term treatment. Should the Client require Long Term Treatment, referrals to the Counselor's own clinic or self-referrals require the client to complete a Freedom of Choice Affidavit. Consent to Release Information forms should be completed as necessary. The Client has financial responsibility for on-going/long term treatment. Consent to Release forms are not required to speak to Performance Plus Staff, submit assessment forms or refer to network provider.

Billing Process

To receive payment, invoices must be received by Performance Plus no later than 30 days after any Counselor/Client contact.

  Provider Questionaire
  W9 Form
  Employee Data Sheet
  Statement of Understanding
  Clinical Assessment Form
  Case Status Review
  Progress Notes
  Freedom of Choice Affidavit
  PHI Form
  Case Closing Form

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