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Since its inception in 1985, Performance Plus has developed and delivered EAP services to organizations that typically employ between 50-4000 employees. This allows us to perform our function in a very “hands-on” style.

Performance Plus Employee Assistance programs are designed to address the needs of two clients: the Employee and the Employer. We support the whole organization from executives, managers, HR, and supervisors to employees and dependent family members. An employee’s well-being is directly related to productivity in the workplace, and thus directly connected to a successful bottom line. We believe that by meeting the personal needs of employees and maximizing the problem-solving talents of management, supervisors and HR personnel, the entire organization is better served, more productive and more profitable.

We work hand-in-hand with some of America’s premier companies to provide a comprehensive program that offers employees and managers a systematic approach to deal with life’s changes and challenges. Performance Plus is equipped to deliver employee assistance services regionally and nationally. The EAP provides sound advice, training, support and effective resources to enhance both personal and organizational productivity.

Performance Plus EAP is dedicated and committed to providing the very highest level of service to the employee, family members, and organizations that we serve.

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